Featured Industries We Provide Recruiting

  • Bilingual (Japanese/English) Staff— Tour Coordinators, Office & Operations, Wedding Coordinators, and Customer Service & Retail
  • Administrative Positions–General Office Clerks, Receptionists, and Administrative Assistants
  • Accounting–Accounting Clerks, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Accountants, and Full-Charge Bookkeepers
  • Light Industrial–Warehouse Workers, Drivers, Driver’s Helpers, Car Detailing Staff, Receiving Workers, and Janitorial, Maintenance, Landscape
  • Manager & Manager Trainee

Value Driven Service

Don’t let staffing issues reduce your revenue. The experts at Alliance Personnel Inc., provide  you with qualified employees in a range of industries. We make sure that potential candidates have the experience and skills necessary to slide seamlessly into your workforce.

Our staff also takes care of all the details, including recruiting and interviewing candidates, criminal and employment history background checks, pre-employment drug testing, and payroll and benefits. We realize there is a no one-size-fits-all solution, so we offer employee leasing, temporary, temp-to-hire, and career placement options.

Featured Industries We Provide 

  • “Tried and True” Employees
    “Tried and True” Employees

    Clients get to try our prospective employees to see if they fit into the company and can perform on the job.

  • Post Placement Assessment
    Post Placement Assessment

    We follow up with all our candidates after a direct hire placement or on a job assignment to confirm
    the job is a perfect fit for everyone.

  • Reduced Employee Turnover
    Reduced Employee Turnover

    Utilize our staffing services during peak busy season or when an employee is out on leave,
    or for special projects that require extra help. You will receive quality workers while saving
    the time and money without hiring full time employees.

  • Money Savings
    Money Savings

    We carry the burden of placing expensive advertisements for recruiting.
    Our billing rate includes all payroll costs, taxes, and necessary insurance for temporary employees.

  • Work-Force Management
    Work-Force Management

    You and your staff will spend less time recruiting and scheduling workers and spend more time on
    important work bringing your company more profit.

  • Pre-Screened Employees
    Pre-Screened Employees

    Each applicant goes through a comprehensive interview and screening before they are placed in
    a job or sent to an interview.

  • No Obligation Contract
    No Obligation Contract

    There is no fee or obligation to interview and compare our candidates unless one of our candidates
    begins working with your organization.

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